All But One Index Advance

The data finds all the McClellan 1-Day OB/OS still in neutral territory (All Exchange: -18.28 NYSE: -11.11 NASDAQ: -22.88).

In conclusion, the mix of trends on the charts combined with the OB/OS levels, market breadth, valuation and other data suggest we maintain our “neutral/positive” near-term macro-outlook for equities. However, investor psychology still suggests a potential overly optimistic view on their part.

SPX: 4,295/NA

DJI: 34,570/NA

COMPQX: 14,356/NA

NDX: 14,485/NA

DJT: 14,247/14,905

MID: 2,668/2,716

RTY: 2,180/2,225

VALUA: 9,461/9,672

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