DAX, EuroStoxx, FTSE Futures Forecast

Euro Stoxx 50 September retests first resistance at 4110/20 and reverses from 4125. We bottomed exactly at minor support at 4095/90.

FTSE 100 September beat strong resistance at 6970/80 but held 10 ticks above strong resistance at 7020/30.

DAX beat resistance at 15550/580 to retest the 2 week high at 15680/690. A break above 15720 retests strong resistance at the all time high at 15770/800. Obviously a sustained break above 15820 is a buy signal, initially targeting 15920/940. Strong support at 15580/550. Longs need stops below 15520.

EuroStoxx September beats resistance at 4110/20 to retest the 2021 high at 4160/70. Obviously a break above here is a buy signal initially targeting 4195/99. Minor support at 4110/00, then strong support at 4070/60. Longs need stops below 4050.

FTSE September has had a great run recently to just 8 ticks from the next target of 7080/90. On a break above 7100 look for 7135/45. Strong support at 7030/20 and strong support at 6990/80. Longs need stops below 6960.

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