E-Mini S&P 500, NASDAQ, E-Mini Dow Jones Forecast

NASDAQ September finally beat the next target of 14590/600 after a short consolidation in the bull trend hitting the next target of 14660/680.

E-mini Dow Jones September consolidated at the start of last week allowing us to buy in to longs at best support at 34130/100. This worked perfectly with a 600 tick bounce to the next target of 34500/510, then 34652 and as far as the June high at 34700 on Friday.

E-mini S&P moved higher to the next targets of 4320/23 and 4340/45 as predicted. No sell signal despite severely oversold conditions so we must assume the downside will be limited in the strong bull trend. First support at 4300/4295, second support at 4270/65.

NASDAQ was holding first support at 14460/440 to target 14550, 14590/600 and 14660/680. Further gains are expected to 14750/800 and 14940/990.

The downside should be limited in the strong bull trend. First support at 14610/580. Second support at 14510/470.

E-mini Dow Jones September retested the June high for the September contract at 34700/720. A break higher targets

Downside is likely to be limited with minor support at 34660/630 and again at 34460/430, best support at 34320/280. but longs need stops below 34200.

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