Thus Far, Snooze Worthy Trading Day To Start The Week

Yesterday was NOT a day that lent itself to commentary, but I’ll say a few things about the six-month charts below. I normally show multi-decade charts, but in this instance, we’ll just zoom in on what’s happened thus far this calendar year.

Below is the real estate fund, symbol IYR. Can anyone here spot the trend? This is what can happen with 2% mortgage rates, folks.

The S&P 100 fund, symbol OEF, was “off to the races” just like everything else. Virtually every major index and ETF I looked at was up 1/3% Monday, just like clockwork. They don’t need explosive moves every day. Just a new lifetime high. It doesn’t take much.

Looking closer at its big brother, the S&P 500 SPDR® S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY), you can also conclude that you don’t need volume to goose these markets higher, either. Just look at the past three days. The volume just withers away, but it takes zero difference to ringing the New High bell.

I’m holding out hope that energy will resume its breakdown, which provided me such good profits last Thursday.

One last amusing tidbit—witness the Power of the Greeks —here was the net change for SPCE options on Monday. The $41 calls got destroyed (see left circled item) while the puts were unchanged!

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