Will They Or Won’t They Taper?

The iShares MSCI South Korea ETF (NYSE:EWY) has fallen 10.5% just since the end of June. When you overlay the inverse of the dollar index on the chart of EWY, it becomes easy to see the relationship the two have with one another. So why does the Korean ETF fall? Because the stronger dollar brings inflationary force to that economy, and every economy likes it and slows economic growth.

The dollar gets stronger because less printing by the fed means less bond buying, which can help to lift yields some and widen spreads with other countries interest rates. So yes, rising yields, a strengthening dollar, and weaker global equity markets tell us that someone, somewhere, seems to think that the dollar will continue to strengthen.

S&P 500

So why does the US equity market continue to rise? It is a good question and one that doesn’t really make any sense. But if there is any indication tomorrow that a tapering process is likely to come in September or November, it will be terrible news for growth stocks. The only sector that is likely to benefit from this are financials, as rates would rise some, not much, just some, and the dollar would continue to push higher, killing materials and energy names as well.

General Motors (NYSE:GM) looks like it is breaking support at 49.00, with the next level look for coming around $45.25.

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) jumped higher yesterday and barely managed to get and stay above resistance at that $268 region; now that gap at $260 needs to get filled.

Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW) had a solid day, rising nearly 7.5%. It is still working off that inverse head and shoulders pattern. It even has a shot of getting back to $322.

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